The big Christ on the cross (polychome from the XVIIth century) came back transfigured from the restorers ARTHEMA (Nozay- Department Loire Atlantique) after being horribly daubed with paint by a good soul with a paintbrush and laudable intentions.

On the 20th of December 2017 it was placed in the nave of the Saint Herlé church where it can’t be missed by believers and visitors alike on entering by the southern porch.


The statues of Saint Herle and of the "Pieta Trinitaire" are described in the historical tab. Three other statues of polychrome wood deserved to be noticed :

- above the entrance door : Saint Anne and her daughter Mary ;

- on the pîllar, towards the nave, Saint Joseph holding his emblem, the white lily ;

- on the other pillar, facing Joseph : our Lady of all Grace.


The Virgin of liberation, previously in an oratory in Brehuel, this stone statue  has been in the Church since  1990.


On this pedestal after entering by the southern porch, the statue of Saint Herlé greets believers and visitors at the entrance to the church.


The polychrome statue in limewood was made with the Youn Capitaine’s chisel,


sculptor in wood and stone. He lives in Saint Guénolé in Penmarch.


Self-taught artist, adept of direct cutting (it means without any previous studies :


drawings, rough sketches, …).


He is a « natural sculptor with imagination and instinct » in the tradition


of image creators from the Middle Ages but in the naturalist celtic tradition.


This statue complements the other statue of Saint Herlé in the choir


(sea the tab « historic »).