(They were all listed in 2013 and are in waiting to to be restored).

The inside of the Church is adorned with four retables and one baroque higt altar.


  1. In the north side of the transept : the retable of the Rosary : in its centre, a painting by the Quimper   painter "Rome"created in 1640 and listed since 1968. In the background, a painting of the battle of Lépante (1571) between the Christian and Muslim Turkish fleets. The victory won by the Christians was attributed to the Blessed Virgin's intercession, prayed with the Rosary. The feast of our Lady of the Rosary, on the 7th of October, originates from this victory. 

          On either side of the painting, stand Saint Dominique and the Blessed Virgin.



     2.  In the north side chapel : The retable of Saint Anne, the Bretons'patron saint with, on both sides,

          Saint Anthony, the hermit (the pig protector) and Saint Isidoro, the ploughman (the farmers'patron).


     3.  In the south side of the transept : the retable called "of the deceased" with, in the centre,

         a painting offered by Napoleon the-third (the same as in Saint Helen chapel) On one side, the Blessed

         Virgin ; on the other Saint Mary Magdalena.


     4.  In the south side chapel : the retable of Saint Yves, the barristers'patron saint, with, on one side, Saint

          Herbot (the cattle's protector) and on the other, Saint Alar/Eloi (the horses'protector).


     5. The high altar : dating from the 17 th century with its double tabernacle ; its ascending architecture

         ending with a resurrected Christ, its typically baroque ornaments (foliated scrolls, garlands of plants,

         birds, putti, medallions). Two big adoring angels are bowing at both ends. Above them, Saint Peter

         and Saint Paul as well as the tetramorphe (symbolizing the four evangelists).









The retable of Saint Anne



The retable  of Saint Yves

The high altar