The building of the present Church started in 1548 with the tower leaning against the old church, probably of romanesque origin. But the restoration was interrupted during the war or the "League" between Protestants and Catholics and also because of "La Fontenelle's banditry (he was executed in 1602). The building started again in 1603. The spire was completed in 1693 and the vestry added in 1736. The steeple which is 55 m. high is one of the highest in "Cornouaille". But during the past centuries, it was several times struck by lightning, especially in 1751 when the two west side-turrets were destroyed and rebuilt in the "Breton" renaissance style. Saint Herlé church has been listed a historical monument since 1910.

Saint Herlé and the Holy Trinity, both patron saints of the parish, stand in niches, on either side of the choir.




Saint Herlé (or Erlé, Arlé) gives his name to Ploaré (= Plou-Arle = parish of Arlé).

Saint Herlé, a deacon (he wears the dolmatic and holds the book of the Gospels) is believed to have sailed over the Channel in the 5th or 6th century and to have died a martyr (he holds the palm).

The Holy trinity




The Holy Trinity is remarkably expressive.

Both statues date from the 17th century and are made of polychrome wood.